03 August 2015

Healing Point

Healing is a miracle. When you are healed, there is a miracle in you.  Isn’t it the best thing ever? I don’t know if it was real but I believe I have once healed. That was when I am surrounded by nature. It sounds silly because of course I live in nature but the nature that I mean is somewhere when you are surrounded by trees and animals. That is the real nature. It gives you the smell, the air and the wind that come along from there.  This is the definition of nature that can heal me, heal us. 

There was a time when I am so depressed of life. I was tired of the ache of my feet. Walking life is hard and that makes you hate the world. And one day I decided to explore different place.  I wanted to see if the world is really created to suffocate me. So I went into the woods and the zoo.  From there, I gained freedom and faith.  And it is infinite. 

I don’t know how to describe, but I just found hope when I see the animals, I found peace from the sight of live green creature and I always wanted to start fresh just from gasping the air of nature.  And I will always missing the places. Maybe my soul is dying right now and my longing is getting high. I will come back to  my one and only eternal treasure.

 In time, please remember to bring me into the nature whenever I am happy or sad. 

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