16 October 2015

The ugly truth

In this temporary world, there are a lot of things I envy the most. I envy to those people who seems so lucky to own everything I don’t have. This is not about being greedy for asking too much. People never see what is never showed.  I am not like others. I have lacking in everywhere if you ever know my heart. Therefore,  I am the kind of person who must work my effort like hell so that I can get what I want. And the journey will never be easy. No one ever said it will get easy. Sometimes we just get the hope and pull ourselves together but certain thing comes in the between and destroy everything.  The heart holds too much and there is no space anymore. It feels like that, but I believe I am on the other way. I am strong and I hold a very strong unbreakable heart. Thing still stays the same but I am slowly accepting and moving on. 

And still remember my healing point? Nature is my healing point. I visited my healing point recently and it feels rejuvenating for now even though the pain is still there. Hey look! I am smiling!

Happy face, stay there a little longer!

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