03 June 2016


It is over now. The most tiring season of my university life is over now. It was so hectic because there were too many tasks to do and I have no energy left to write about it now. I am so tired but I have to write something so my heart might feel lighter. One thing I can say, after all the struggles, this season has affected me mentally and physically. I will write more later but what is stressing me right now is the breakout of my skin. My face is getting bad due to stress and improper eating pattern. I already packed my luggage for home tomorrow. This place should be left for a while. May the love of home and my mom heals me. May I manage to catch up myself because I have been missing pieces of myself throughout the semester. I need to pick up myself. I need some rest. 

"When things go my way, I thank God for the blessing, when things go wrong, I thank God for the lesson."

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